Bentonite Clay

BBentonite, a form which has both swelling and absorptive properties, is a very versatile substance with a variety of individual applications.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • use in the pelletizing of iron ore
  • castings for foundry products
  • pet litter, absorbents
  • additives for oil and gas drilling fluids
  • slurry trenching and tunneling in civil and environmental engineering
  • liners for waste disposal sites

Following special processing, some bentonites can be found within many small volume, however, high-priced application uses such as filters within paints, greases, cosmetics, mud packs, and pharmaceuticals.

Pacific Bentonite's material is a stable form of calcium bentonite, not to be confused with the common drilling mud, sodium bentonite, and we have an estimated reserve of 30 million tons.


Fibre-Clay Panels

Pacific Bentonite is engaged in the research, design, development, production and commercialization of clay barrier products that can be used as forms of environmental protection. As Fibre-clay is impervious to moisture, it can act as a liner or cover for items such as landfills or municipal water.

These clay barrier products are a blend of fibrous residuals from the pulp and paper industry and clay. The pulp fibre and clay are mixed together, pressed and dried to form panels. The panels are then laid down like roofing tiles and used as liners and covers. These panels can also be utilized by civil contractors to provide basement waterproofing within housing and industrial buildings.

Pacific Bentonite has received patents from both Canada and the United States for our products known as FIBRE-CLAY PANELS.

The product has strong indicators of being a good growing medium that will retain nutrients and moisture, allowing regeneration of non-productive land masses. Indications of stabilization qualities reducing erosion are promising.